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No ductwork, no problem…These ductless systems really are the answer to the problem of no ductwork in an older home, or for rooms that seem to not heat or cool adequately in any space, including workspaces and garages.

We’re seeing them installed in commercial spaces as well. The Ductless Heating and AC units are sleek, remotely controlled and can be installed just about anywhere!

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Ductless mini-split systems don’t lose energy in ductwork, and variable-speed compressors produce exceptionally high part-load efficiency.

Luxaire ductless systems deliver just the right amount of heating and cooling to every space while using no more energy than necessary.
Luxaire Mini-Split Systems are the ideal choice for applications that challenge traditional HVAC systems such as projects with varied loads and occupancy rates or cases where existing systems can’t be modified.

Benefits include:
• Energy efficiency that traditional HVAC systems can’t match
— High-efficiency, inverter-driven compressor modulates capacity to meet temperature requirements exactly
— Energy-saving mode automatically selects optimal fan speed to reduce energy consumption
• Exceptional comfort
— Unique temperature-sensing capability monitors room temperature at remote controller instead of indoor unit and adjusts airflow and temperature accordingly
— Indoor fan automatically adjusts speed for maximum comfort
— Pre-heating system ensures indoor fan doesn’t run until coil has warmed to prevent cool air from circulating when in
heating mode
• Remarkably quiet operation

Luxaire Duct-Free Mini Splits offer High Efficiency, Control Options

These systems offer indoor options, multi-zone products, light commercial applications and low-ambient options.
Both single- and multi-zone systems are available and feature:

  • Ultra-high efficiency—up to 30 SEER


  • Wi-Fi, wired and central control options
  • Operating temperatures ranging from -22 F to 129 F
  • Capacities from 3/4 ton to four tons
  • Extended warranties

Product highlights include:

  • The new Z Series — a 30.5 SEER single zone system with a wider operating range and better pricing than the competition
  • The entry-level single-zone P Series with an extended warranty plus optional Wi-Fi and central controller options
  • The 20 SEER R Series with wider capacity ranges than any other system on the market
  • The 22 SEER multi-zone W Series with central controller options that can control up to 16 indoor units


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